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Education Committee

This committee will consist of at least three (3) members to be appointed by the President. The committee chair serves as a member of the AWWMA Board of Directors and as emcee for the workshop. A committee member may serve indefinitely. The Chairperson may serve three 1-year terms, which means a chair must be selected annually. The two (2) additional members of the committee are selected by the President. Each year, this committee will be responsible for designing, organizing, and conducting at least one workshop pertaining to current topics of interest to the membership. Part of the selection process for the workshop will be to send out questionnaires. The committee must strive to offer high quality training at a very competitive cost, as compared to other training available. The committee is not expected to receive a profit from workshops. However, the registration for a workshop must be sufficient to cover all of the training and incidental costs. Following a workshop, the committee will survey the attendees to measure the success of the training and seek advice for future topics. This committee also acts as an advisory committee for the AWWMA Program Committee, and is responsible for the Association’s public affairs. The vice-president of the Association chairs the Program Committee, which is responsible for planning the technical program for the annual conference.


Thea Hughes, Chair
Sal Pappalardo
Jerry Davis