About Us

AWWMA was formed in 1966 as a nonprofit organization to promote continued education and professional development of water and wastewater management; the advancement and promotion of higher standards of qualification in the water and wastewater fields; the study, promotion and encouragement of improved water and wastewater management practices; the promotion of good public affairs in the community understanding, acceptance, and support of water and wastewater operations; and the support of the Arkansas Water Works & Water Environmental Association, American Water Works Association, and Water Environment Federation.

One very important and exciting benefit of being an active member is that member utility employees and/or their dependents may qualify for the AWMMA Scholarship Program.

This is a progressive organization to be a part of, if you are in, or associated with, the water or wastewater industry. Only licensed managers and other licensed key supervisor personnel can become active members. Many committees are available for members to serve on, that cover an array of water industry issues and parts of the AWWMA organization.